1st edition of the French Barometer of Open Science

Submitted by admin on Thu, 11/14/2019 - 16:50
French Open Science Monitor

The French Barometer of Open Science (BSO - https://ministeresuprecherche.github.io/bso/) aims to track the extent of freely available scientific resources: scientific publications, data, code. For its first edition, it focuses on open access publications (freely available on the public internet).

According to this barometer, 41% of the 133,000 French scientific publications (according to the affiliation addresses of the authors) published in 2017 are in open access. The extent and type of openness are characterized by strong disparities between disciplines. Not only does the proportion of open access vary widely, but also the modes of opening - hosting at the publisher or open archives - both are complementary. These disparities reflect very different publishing practices between scientific communities. Thus, in mathematics, the overall open access rate reaches 61%, thanks to a massive use of open archives. While in the field of basic biology, the overall level of openness is 49%, driven mainly by openness to the publisher.

The BSO is part of the National Open Science Plan and the French National Action Plan within the Open Government Partnership. It will be updated annually in December of each year.