New OSCAR deliverable report on “Suitable Tools for Open Science” is now available

Submitted by admin on Thu, 02/25/2021 - 17:00

A comprehensive study, exploiting relevant publications, Internet database, etc. has been performed. The aim of the study has been to investigate which tools are more efficient to facilitate implementation of Open Science principles and elaborate an appropriate strategy.

A thorough research has been performed through the communication and networking tools in order to provide the most appropriate forums, blogs and multimedia channels that could be adapted aiming to boost Open Science in AAT sector. The selected tools are presented in Deliverable 2.4: “Identification and adaption of suitable tools to facilitate Open Science”. In addition, open access repositories as well as clouds that could be adapted in the AAT research landscape have been identified. Moreover, a comprehensive list of journals relevant to aviation has been created, as well the aspects related to the adaption of the above described tools for Open Science have been investigated.

OSCAR Deliverable report 2.4 on the Identification and adaption of suitable tools to facilitate Open Science can be found here