Work Plan

Achieving the main goal of OSCAR requires (1) detailed understanding of knowledge and acceptance of Open Science in AAT research, (2) development of adapted implementation approaches and (3) their validation. While these three objectives provide tools and practical information to implement Open Science in AAT research projects it is also necessary to raise the motivation to implement Open Science within the AAT research community. Objective (4) addresses the latter.


Work plan


  • Objective 1 » WP2, WP3: An assessment of the development of Open Science in European AAT projects since the beginning of FP7, i.e. FP7 and Horizon 2020, considering also the AAT related JTIs Clean Sky and SESAR. To some extent projects which relate at least partly with “core AAT” will be considered. The assessment will be based on o a statistical analysis of estimated 1000 collaborative research respectively CSA projects. It shall reveal factors facilitating respectively hampering the acceptance of Open Science approaches; o an intense consultation phase with researchers and administrative / legal staff from IND, REC, HES to gather comprehensive first-hand experience about awareness of Open Science as such, perceived benefits and drawbacks of the idea and potentially concrete examples.
  • Objective 2 » WP4: Objective 2 is a practically usable guidance for participants in AAT projects. It will be developed taking up the outcome of objective 1 and considering both legal frameworks and the need for an Open Science Code of Conduct.
  • Objective 3 » WP5: As objective 3 the interim results in the course of objective 2 will be tested and iteratively matured. Finalized recommendations targeting legal aspects and the related Open Science Code of Conduct will be validated in pilot cases.
  • Objective 4 » WP6: High quality of objectives 1 to 3 will contribute to a significantly increased implementation of Open Science in European AAT research. However, to achieve the ambitious goal of OSCAR, the acceptance of the idea as such, as well as of a comprehensive practical guide – the Code of Conduct – by the AAT research community is crucial. Different complementary measures are foreseen to maximise the intended acceptance of and support for Open Science in AAT research as OSCAR objective 4.